Tiny Bunny Jump


Do you like to jump on a trampoline?

In 60 levels, through the four seasons you jump on your trampoline and burst the balloons which fly around.
“A nice fun for in between”.


The year begins with the spring, the flowers are blooming and the pollen buzzing around.
In this beautiful season, our tiny bunny makes his first experience on the trampoline.
He easily jumps higher and higher until he bursts the first balloons.


When the spring is mastered the summer has begun.
With dark sunglasses against the bright sun the tiny bunny bursts the balloons.
Despite the heat, hopping on the trampoline makes him a lot of fun.


If the leaves fall from the trees it must be autumn.
The tiny bunny is now a professional on the trampoline and looking forward to the next levels.
Wind and weather can not harm him, he brilliantly masters the trampoline.


It is cold and the first snowflakes fall from the sky. It is winter.
In the freezing cold the tiny bunny bursts the last balloons.
Even if the nose is red, he jumps with his trampoline from level to level.


• simple but challenging arcade game
• 4 seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter with great graphics
• 60 hand-crafted levels, 15 per season
• Game Center with leaderboards and achievements per season
• 2D physics-powered with cool effects
• improve your skill on the trampoline with each level
• optimized for the iPhone 5

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